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Christina-Marie Wright is the chaos-loving parent of eight children.

It happened like this:

When Christina-Marie met Mr. Wright, she had custody of her son, and he had custody of his four kids. They married, bringing their cumulative offspring to an odd but satisfactory total of five. When their youngest child was nine years old, and the frazzled parents could actually see the light at the end of the parenting tunnel, they lost all reason and accidentally adopted two infants in the same year.

Princess is the oldest. The boys, The Dude and Pockets, come next. “The girlies,” better known as Pepper and GirlWonder, are navigating that harshest of environments – young adulthood. “The babies” aren’t so much babies anymore. Curlytop and Snugglebug are killing it as teenagers. The true baby, Pumpkin, is working her way through elementary school.

Mr. Wright is a hunter; Christina-Marie has been vegan for over 25 years, and vegetarian for over 30. They may be the only family in America to be card-carrying members of both PETA and the NRA.

Christina-Marie blogs about parenthood, politics, adoption, autism, blended families, society and more at TheGonzoMama.com.  She used to write a newspaper column by the same name, and whenever she gets around to it, she publishes Gonzo Parenting zine. Christina-Marie blogs vegan recipes and reviews at SexyVeganMama.com, and previously authored a monthly column titled “Yours, Mine and Ours” at MomsWhoNeedWine.com.

Amazingly, other publications have been willing to publish her work, including Hip Mama print zine, Reality Mom, Kids VT, BC Parent, Pittsburgh Parent, Edmonton’s Child and Mamaphiles.

When she’s not working toward her PhD, chasing children or pounding on her laptop, Christina-Marie volunteers as co-founder of North Central Washington Library for Education on NeuroDiversity (NCW LEND).

Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House is Christina-Marie’s first book, released in June 2010.

January 2013 saw her first non-anthology collaboration and first cookbook (it’s a year of firsts!) in Get-Real Vegan Desserts: Vegan Recipes for the Rest of Us, co-authored with best-selling author William Maltese.

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